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Lowered to insanity – Local roads have speed limits slashed by Labor Government

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell was shocked and frustrated to learn that the State Labor Government have decided to lower the speed limit of yet another Glass House Road.

In mid-December, TMR advised that they would be lowering the 80km/h speed limited section of Mooloolah Connection Road between Mooloolah Valley and Glenview to 70km/h.

“And this is after they lowered the speed limit of Steve Irwin Way between Landsborough and Mooloolah from 100km/h to 80km/h” said Mr Powell.

“The Government continuously cite safety as the reason for the speed decreases, but I have to wonder if the safety of road users is such a priority then why don’t they chip in some money to upgrade them?”

“Reducing the speed limit on four kilometres of a major road is only going to frustrate motorists. What I would love to see and have advocated for is always long term, commuter feedback driven solutions”

“I know that locals would rather put up with a few months of roadworks than permanent speed limit reductions”

“Lowering speed limits should never become a long-term solution for actually fixing substandard roads, but the current Government has used this tactic as a crutch for far too long” concluded Mr Powell.

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Keeping the community updated