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Temporary” 20km/hr speed reduction looks set to become “Permanent”. No thank you!

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell is not happy to hear the Department of Transport and Main Roads has no plans in the near future to return Beerburrum Road south of Beerburrum to its former 100km/h speed limit.

In late 2019, the Department undertook resurfacing and overlay works on approximately 1.3 kilometres of Beerburrum Road between Eaton Road and Steve Irwin Way. To improve safety during this time, they temporarily reduced the speed limit to 80km/hr.

“I understand the need to drop the speed limit during roadworks, it’s standard practice” said Mr Powell.

After the roadworks, TMR determined the road surface was still too rough and has maintained the 80km/hr.

“Given TMR has acknowledged the road surface doesn’t meet the mark I assumed that would mean further remediation mustn’t be far away. But when I asked TMR how soon we could expect the improvements to occur, and the speed limit restored, the answer was any future improvements on Beerburrum Road will be subject to competing state-wide priorities and available funding,” Mr Powell continued.

“That’s code for don’t expect to see anything anytime soon!”

“I want to see the road resurfaced as a regional priority. It is a key connecting road between Caboolture and Glasshouse, as well as the smaller towns in between such as Elimbah and Beerburrum. And given roadworks will shortly be commencing on the Bruce Highway at Elimbah, I can only see this road getting busier.”

“I don’t want Glass House roads to miss out because the Department doesn’t see them as a priority. I know they are, and local road users know they are.”

“Lowering speed limits should never become a long-term solution for actually fixing substandard roads,” concluded Mr Powell.

Ends 26 May 2020


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Keeping the community updated