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Unemployment rates in Caboolture and Woodford skyrocketing under Queensland Labor

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP has today hit out at the Palaszczuk government in light of new statistics revealed by national anti-poverty group the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

The report from the Brotherhood shows that Moreton Bay has youth unemployment rates of 18.8 per cent.* Figures from the Queensland Treasury also show that Glass House ranks 38 out of the 92 state electorates in Queensland, one being the worst.**

“Unemployment has increased under Labor. Queensland has an unemployment rate of six point one per cent, breaking the Premier’s promise to get an unemployment rate with a ‘5’ in front of it.”

This percentage is equal to over 161,000 Queenslanders looking for work and unable to get a job. The January CommSec State of the States put shame to the Premier’s claim that we are in the ‘golden age’, putting Queensland sixth in the nation, solidly in the bottom half of the economic ladder.

“In a State this size and indeed, an electorate with the opportunities that Glass House can offer, these damning statistics simply prove what we on the ground already knew. You cannot tax your way to growth. Taxes do not create jobs or put food on the table.”

“Areas such as Caboolture and Woodford present a wealth of potential in farming, hospitality, retail, light industry and health industry. It is up to the Government to provide a strong economy that businesses feel confident enough to invest in.”

Additionally, the Chief Executive Officer of HELP Employment and Training, Mr Greg Luck, has claimed that contributing factors to unemployment in Moreton Bay include substance abuse, transgenerational welfare recipients and mental health problems.

Mr Luck has specifically stated that there is not enough variety of industries or enough investment into support for mental health.*

“Once again we are being shown that this Labor Government, and more specifically the Premier and Treasurer is Brisbane-centric and maintains a blatant lack of interest in areas that are unable to benefit them or their agenda.”

While Australia’s overall unemployment rate has plummeted to five per cent, Queenslanders looking for work are doing it extremely tough under Labor. Queenslanders have been slugged five new taxes and Annastacia Palaszczuk’s lack of investment is taking a significant toll on our economy.

“Only an LNP Government will create jobs across Queensland and deliver the vital infrastructure projects the state needs. If you’re as sick of our region being neglected as I am, take your anger to the polls in 2020.” concluded Mr Powell.

** Sourced from the Australian Government Department of Employment Quarterly Small Area Labour Markets; Queensland Treasury – QGSO

Ends 15 March 2019


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Keeping the community updated