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Powell Media Release – A new home for our Maleny Rural Firies is coming, just not yet!

5 July 2018

State Member for Glass House Andrew Powell has just received a copy of the Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, Craig Crawford’s response to the Maleny community’s petition to find a new home for the Maleny Rural Fire Brigade (RFB).

“To cut to the chase, it’s good and bad news for our local firies. The Minister has stated that it is his plan to build a new Maleny emergency services complex as soon as possible but because they now want to merge the Rural and Auxiliary Fire Brigades with the SES to create a one single Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) complex, they have to go in search for a new block of land,” said Mr Powell.

“The good news is the Brigade will get its new home, the bad news is that it could be late 2019 before building starts. This means that the RFB will have to face at least another year of being forced out of their headquarters when the annual Maleny show rolls around.”

The Minister has estimated that it will take the Department approximately six to nine months to undertake the ‘Ministerial Designation’ of the site once it is purchased and before construction can begin.

As an aside, the Minister’s response has raised a few new eyebrows with the Maleny SES completely unaware they too would be moving – a situation they are less than pleased with.

“Whilst the Maleny SES currently share facilities with the RFB they aren’t keen to move. Their inclusion in the new complex has come as a complete surprise and shock. It’s important that the Minister and his Department take the time to consult with the local SES on whether this is actually necessary or needed.”

“To Maleny locals, watch this space. I will keep you all updated and will continue to keep the Government accountable for their promise to the RFB,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Keeping the community updated