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Out and about with Andrew – week ending 26 March 2017

It was great to start a Parliamentary sitting week by attending the Parliamentary Friends of Rugby League launch and to get within touching distance of the impressive State of Origin Shield.  It was also wonderful to celebration the eighth anniversary of my swearing in as a Member of Parliament and it continues to be an honour and a privilege to represent the amazing people of Glass House.

There were also some very late nights (or early mornings depending on how you look at it) in Parliament last week, however it was all worthwhile when groundbreaking Domestic Violence reforms were passed due to the LNP’s Private Member’s Bill.

Key reforms which were passed in the Bail (Domestic Violence) and Another Act Amendment Bill 2017 included:

•Reversing the presumption for bail in domestic violence-related crimes such as assault, grievous bodily harm, deprivation of liberty, strangulation and kidnapping.
•DV Alert system to notify victims and families when someone with a DVO is being considered for parole, even if the reason they are in prison is not related to domestic violence.
•Introducing urgent appeal rights to the bail application process, meaning bail decisions will be stayed for up to three business days and referred to a higher court for urgent review.
•Allowing GPS trackers to be fitted to an alleged offender as a bail condition by the court to ensure that victims of crime are better protected throughout the trial process, which can be lengthy.

Our Bill also sought to introduce a DV Alert system to ensure victims and families are notified when someone charged with domestic violence crimes is being considered for or has been granted bail. Unfortunately, Labor Members voted against this provision so it did not pass.

After returning to the electorate on Friday, I held constituent meetings and then on Saturday attended the Woodford P-10 State School dual celebrations of 135 years of schooling and 50 years of senior schooling. My father, uncles and aunt actually attended Woodford school back in the 1960’s so it was an extra special celebration.

AP swearing in 8 years ago AP with State of Origin Shield Woodford School 135 year anniversary

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Keeping the community updated