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Letter to the Editor from Andrew Powell MP (Rail Duplication)

Dear Editor,
Let me be very clear, upgrading the Sunshine Coast Rail line is number one on my priority list for Glass House.  It has been since the very minute the Labor Government put a stop to the upgrade schedule some seven years ago.  I’m pleased to say my LNP colleagues also share my enthusiasm for this desperately needed infrastructure project as we understand what a vital service this is to our growing community.  It should be noted that had the LNP been re-elected to Government in 2015, we had given a full commitment to deliver the rail duplication as part of asset leasing.  Unfortunately we were not given the opportunity to deliver this and we are now back to the drawing board.  We continue to lobby the current Government to provide a commitment to upgrade the line but so far they have shown little to no interest in making this a priority.

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
ENDS – 9 June 2016

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Keeping the community updated