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Powell Media Release – Rail ‘consultation’ causes confusion and unnecessary alarm (2 June 2016)

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
2 June 2016

Rail ‘consultation’ causes confusion and unnecessary alarm

The future North Coast Rail Duplication is one of the biggest issues for residents of the Sunshine Coast with community members, particularly daily commuters, calling out for a financial investment to see the duplication delivered.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has been campaigning on behalf of his constituents for the seven plus years he has been the local MP and is frustrated that this vital project continues to be left unfunded by the current Government.

“The most recent call for community feedback by the Government is misleading and is causing people to get excited about a project that quite frankly will be decades away under the existing Government.

“They are holding information sessions to talk about a project that is only in the business case phase and people need to understand this is not a sign this duplication will actually be built any time soon.

“What’s most concerning is the literature that has been distributed in the last week that refers to the ‘elimination’ of the level crossings in Landsborough and Barr’s Road.

“Understandably the community has gone into shock over the use of the word ‘elimination’ and I really don’t blame them.

“I met with Queensland Department of Transport officials last week and made it very clear they should stay away from using this sort of language and instead reaffirm their commitment to finding safer alternatives than what we already have in place – it’s about “replacing” these level crossings, not “eliminating” them.

“It is clear from the outraged constituents that have contacted me they did not take my advice.

“I would like to reassure the community that I will work with them and the Department to ensure there are safe crossings at these sites – whether it be through overpasses, underpasses or something similar.

“I would urge community members to share their own feedback on this issue directly with Translink at this email – or by phone 1800 785 974,” Mr Powell concludes.

Ends – 2 June 2016

May 2016 TMR rail info sheet

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