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New Vegetation Laws cause outrage in Glass House

Landowners in and around Woodford, Delaneys Creek and Wamuran have been left in the dark over the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s sneaky new Vegetation Management Laws.

I have been inundated with enquiries from landowners in the Glass House electorate who have been ordered to comply with new Vegetation Laws that will completely transform the way they manage their own property.

And to make matters worse, when they have made attempts to uncover the full impact these new laws will have on their land, they are left even more frustrated as there seems to be little to no information that explains what the changes will be.

It really is hardly surprising that Labor have made no attempts and no effort to inform landholders on what these changes mean for them.

While in government, the LNP introduced a vegetation management framework that allowed landholders and farmers to manage vegetation and particularly re-growth vegetation on their properties.

I stand fully committed to the framework that the LNP introduced and, along with my LNP colleagues, will be voting against this Bill when it next comes before the House.

Please visit my ‘Keep in Touch’ page to let me know if you are also impacted by these new laws.

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Keeping the community updated