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Glass House youth representative has big ideas!

Glass House youth representative has big ideas!

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament has launched and this year Eleanor Stuart has been appointed to the electorate of Glass House.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, recently met with Eleanor to discuss her vision for the Sunshine Coast and how she feels she can help young people in our community.

“Eleanor is an impressive young woman who has clearly set out a path for herself and what she wants to achieve, not only as a Youth Parliamentarian, but for life in general.  She strongly believes that our young people have a huge contribution to make to our community and wants to start encouraging them to speak out,” Mr Powell said.

“Queensland Youth Parliament is a program that has been designed to guide youth through the Parliamentary process and engage their views on a wide range of issues.

Eleanor met with Mr Powell this week where they discussed how she would like to use this opportunity to ensure young people have a voice in Queensland and that voice is heard by Government.

“At a personal level, leadership and politics have always been a part of my life so I am overjoyed that I can use my skills in this area.  Much of society stereotypes youth as being irresponsible and ignorant towards the future of Australia, however, I want to educate the public that we are switched on, passionate and want to contribute to society, “Miss Stuart said.

Eleanor has conveyed to Mr Powell that she has a strong interest in Education and is keen to be included in the debate on the proposed Youth Parliament “Education, Training and Skills committee bill”.

“Meeting someone like Eleanor who has the enthusiasm and drive to ensure that we adults better understand the value and contribution of our community’s youth gives me a real buzz and makes me excited for the future of our state.

“Eleanor is keen to hear from anyone who feels they have ideas to share and views they want considered as part of the Youth Parliament process,” Mr Powell concluded.

Eleanor Stuart can be contacted on the following email address –

[ENDS] 5 May 2016


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