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Powell Media Release – Another tick for the local Member (10 February 2016)

[codepeople-post-map][codepeople-post-map]Funding school crossing supervisors, especially those in the electorate of Glass House, has been a priority for local MP, Andrew Powell for some time.

The local Member, in conjunction with the P & C, has been lobbying the Government to fund the crossing supervisor positions at the Chevallum State School and late last year they were advised of a successful outcome.

“Paid crossing supervisors has been on my Fight For list since the start of 2015 so to see a big tick next to this achievement is wonderful news and an excellent result for the school community.

“Under the leadership of P & C President Ben Calder and with strong support from the school administration, we have been able to demonstrate how valuable these people are to the safety of our children, to the school and to the wider community.

“Our campaign to have these positions funded has highlighted the need to address this across the state and I am pleased to learn that due in part to our efforts, 75 additional school crossing supervisors will be funded over the next three financial years,” Mr Powell said.

The Chevallum State School crossing operates from 8 to 8.45am and 2.50 to 3.20pm each school day and will ensure greater road safety for the students for many years to come.

[ENDS] 10 February 2016

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Keeping the community updated