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Letter to the Editor re tree clearing in Maleny

Dear Editor

Blackall Range residents will be seeing a number of vegetation clearing projects occurring.  Firstly, the Blackall Range Lions are removing woody weeds and cleaning up the entrance to Maleny as part of an Environmental Grant they received from the Queensland Government.  This is a work in progress and whilst initially confronting the end result will include bank stabilisation, native plantings and hopefully a new bike and foot path – all a gain for Maleny and the environment.  Secondly, Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have been busy doing their annual hazard reduction clearing – cleaning up site lines around corners, trimming overhanging branches and pruning back vegetation encroaching our roads.  You will see evidence of this on Maleny-Stanley River Road and Maleny-Montville Road in particular.  And thirdly, TMR have employed contractors to restore the “lookout” at Balmoral Park on Maleny-Montville Road – a real positive in time for visiting tourists.  Thanks for your patience around each of these activities.

Merry Christmas!
Member for Glass House

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Keeping the community updated