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Powell Media Release – Local member thanks more Volunteers (12 May 2015)

The storm that hit on the afternoon of Friday 1 May had a massive impact on some sections of the Glass House community. Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, toured the area on the day following and was shocked at the devastation.

“It was really quite incredible. The people I encountered in my travels that day had been hit hard and many have gone on to have their homes declared ‘un-liveable’ by their assessors.

“And the many calls and emails I have received since that night have told a similar story of destruction and displacement. I’m pleased we have been able to steer many of them on the path to repairing the damage to their home and their hearts.

“Perhaps the shining light in this terrible event was the assistance that came from people within our own community. Locally, I feel we must take out hats off to the hardworking volunteers within the Caboolture Historical Village who opened up their doors that Friday afternoon and welcomed any and all community members who needed assistance.

“Roger, Greg and the team went above and beyond to extend their generous hospitality in the way off food and comfort and a place to stay for many displaced community members and visitors,” Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell will visit the Caboolture Historical Village on Wednesday 13 May at 1.30pm to present them with a $250 IGA voucher to show his appreciation for their efforts.

“I am so proud to be a local member of Parliament at times like these and see the way our community comes together to help each other. It gives me enormous pleasure to be able to present just a small gift to the Caboolture Historical Village to show my deepest appreciation.

Mr Powell take the opportunity to present this voucher to the volunteers of the Village as part of National Volunteer Week celebrations.

[ENDS] 12 May 2015

Caboolture Historical Village

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Keeping the community updated