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Powell Speech – Privilege (5 May 2015)


Alleged Deliberate Misleading of the House by a Member

Mr POWELL (Glass House—LNP) (9.32 am): During his first speech the member for Pumicestone, Mr Rick Williams, made the following statements—

The Bribie Island Bridge always comes up … The former member for Pumicestone said she had done a feasibility study but had not released it to the public … I cannot understand why it would be kept secret … There has been no public consultation as to where the bridge might be best situated and which roads would be affected.

A quick perusal of the Transport and Main Roads website will bring you to the Bribie Island Bridge corridor study page which, lo and behold, includes links to both the Bribie Island Bridge corridor study report and the Bribie Island Bridge preferred corridor report. The Brisbane Times on 3 September 2014 reported the release of the feasibility study and even included a link to that study.

Mr Speaker, I believe it is clear that the member for Pumicestone, Mr Rick Williams, has deliberately misled parliament. I will be writing to you asking that you refer the member to the Ethics Committee.

270 Speaker’s Statements 5 May 2015

Mr SPEAKER: Thank you, member for Glass House. I look forward to receiving your letter.


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Keeping the community updated