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Powell Media Release – 40km speed zone a big win for Montville community (13 March 2015)

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House

13 March 2015


Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP is proud to announce today that he has kept his promise to the Montville community by successfully delivering a 40km/hr school speed zone for Montville State School.

“The absence of a dedicated 40km/hr school speed zone has been the focus of concern for the Montville school community for many, many years.  Well, no more, with new signs designating the school zone being erected by the end of the month.

“It took a concerted effort in conjunction with the Montville P&C, the school principal and the broader community to convince the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) but we have finally achieved a positive outcome and that’s welcome news,” Mr Powell said.

Mr Powell has worked with the school community over his six years as the Member for Glass House to gain this result and understandably the school Principal and P & C President are thrilled with the news.

“The safety of our school kids is paramount for any community.  But for a community like Montville, where it is a tight knit group that experience a lot of tourist traffic, it’s even more so.

“We know children are by nature unpredictable and may not be concentrating when they approach the streets or roads next to school areas so by giving drivers in the Montville community a reminder to be on guard by designating a special school zone, we will go a long way to preventing any unnecessary accidents.

“This is such a great achievement and I am proud to have done my bit to deliver this positive outcome,” Mr Powell concluded.
[ENDS] 13 March 2015

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