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Powell Media Release – Purchasing property in Glass House just made easier (2 December 2014)

Glass House families buying property or used vehicles will find it easier than ever before from 1 December, thanks to new red tape busting reforms introduced by the Newman LNP Government.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, said the new laws would slash the amount of paperwork required during a sale.

“Labor choked Queenslanders with red tape, making buying a property or vehicle confusing and stressful,” Mr Powell said.

“These are the biggest purchases someone will ever make, so it’s important the process is as clear and transparent as possible.

“Lengthy contracts can often do more harm than good, with many people either skimming over important information or in some cases people are not reading the finer detail at all.

“By reducing the number of government forms and incorporating warning statements into contracts, consumers will remain protected while being able to get on and enjoy their new purchase sooner.

“The consumer should be most important, not the process and paperwork and that is what we have done. These changes will mean a 43 per cent reduction in government forms, which is a huge win for both buyers and sellers.

“We will also see required forms slashed by 53 per cent in both the property and motor industries, creating a simpler and more streamlined system under this Government.”
Mr Powell said Glass House families would also benefit from a range of other changes including:
•     Streamlining the claim fund processes to reduce red tape for government and reduce the time taken to assess, decide and pay claims
•     Extending the statutory limit on lengths of appointments for a sole or exclusive agency from 60 days to 90 days
“With these changes respective industries can perform more effectively because they will have laws which are tailored to their business,” he said.

“It’s a common sense approach that will reduce red tape, support industry growth and ensure all Queenslanders have access to a clear and fair system.”
[ENDS] 02 December 2014

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Keeping the community updated