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Recipe from cook-off at the Real Food Festival

Due to demand from my Facebook followers and those who attended the Real Food Festival I am happy to now share the recipe from my cook-off with the Mayor.

This sensational dish was created by Peter Wolfe who is otherwise known as the ‘Free Ranging Chef’.  For more of Peter’s amazing recipes make sure you search for him on Facebook.




1 freshwater fish (eel tail catfish or barramundi)

3 bunya nuts

1 bunch warrigal greens or baby spinach

3 red claw crayfish

10 lemon myrtle leaves

4 aniseed myrtle leaves or a pinch of aniseed myrtle powder

Macadamia oil

Tasmanian mountain pepper

1 preserved finger lime or ¼ of a preserved lemon



1 cast iron or heavy pan

1 billy or pot



Fillet fish and scale if necessary. Place bones and head with myrtle leaves in 1 litre of water. Bring to the boil then simmer lightly for 30 minutes and strain retaining the stock.

Finely grind the bunya nuts.

Wash the warrigal greens and remove any seeds.

Coarsely crack the mountain pepper.

Finely slice the preserved finger lime or lemon.

Remove red claw meat from tails and cut in half lengthwise.


Bring the stock back to the boil (you can add the red claw shells to improve the flavour). Place half the stock in the pan and add the ground bunya nuts. Boil rapidly, stirring occasionally, until the stock thickens to the consistency of cream. Remove from the pan and set aside.

Put 1 tablespoon of macadamia oil into the hot pan and sear the fish skin side down. Turn over and cook until the fish is nearly done. Remove and place on a warm plate.

Put the pepper and red claw tails in the pan, cook until lightly coloured then add the thickened stock and sliced finger lime. Cook until incorporated.

Dip the warrigal greens in the remaining boiling stock for 60 seconds then drain.


T o Plate Up

Place the hot greens on the plate.

Top with the fish, skin side up.

Then cover with the red claw tails and sauce.


Happy dining!

Peter Wolfe

Free Ranging Chef


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Keeping the community updated