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Real Food Festival

Those lucky people that ventured up the Range last weekend to experience the Real Food Festival were certainly not disappointed by this year’s offerings.  The finest of food and produce is on display at this amazing two day event and everyone from all ages and backgrounds are catered for.

If you were fortunate enough to stumble upon my own cooking demonstration with Mayor Mark Jamieson in the Kunara Food Kitchen then you would have seen me just beat the Mayor for a second year running.  Our red claw dish was pretty spectacular again this year and I know the judges did find it pretty hard to pick a winner.  As always the Mayor was gracious in his defeat but was petty quick to say he would be back with a vengeance next year.

This is such an amazing two day event on the Sunshine Coast calendar and word is spreading throughout the foodie circles withing the South East.  Make sure you check out their website or Facebook page to stay up to date with next year’s event –






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Keeping the community updated