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Powell Media Release – Glass House has no time for speeding (10 April 2014)

With the Easter holiday break fast approaching, motorists are reminded to slow down.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, said the extra-long weekend traditionally meant more cars, caravans and holiday makers would be starting to make their annual pilgrimages across the state and drivers should be more alert than ever.

“On Monday new road safety television advertisements will start across Queensland focusing on low level speeding,” Mr Powell said.

“Many people are unaware that around half of all speed-related crashes, resulting in injuries or fatalities, happened at just 10 km/h or less over the speed limit.

“This year we’re really trying to emphasise that every extra kilometre you speed more than the designated limit could cause harm or damage to others on the road.

“A survey of 500 Queenslanders resulted in more than half admitting to driving up to 7km/h more than the speed limit.

“Speeding to shave a few minutes off your journey time could lead to consequences that last a lifetime.”

Mr Powell said one motorist was hospitalised in the Glass House electorate during the 2013 Easter break.

“We’ve come through the first quarter of 2014 with a considerably lower road toll than for the same period last year, however any death on our roads is too many” Mr Powell said.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson launched the 2014 Easter speed campaign this week, building on the Join the Drive campaign featuring real Queenslanders.

The campaign forms part of the Queensland Government’s $350 million Road Safety Action Plan to and coincides with a National Police-coordinated Easter enforcement campaign running from 17 to 21 April.

For more information about Join the Drive or to submit your name and message, visit

ENDS- 10 April 2014

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Keeping the community updated