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Powell Media Release – Hinterland residents encouraged to use bus service or risk losing it (12 November 2013)

Earlier this year the Hinterland community, led by local Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP and Cr Jenny McKay, won a great victory in keeping the Hinterland Connect service for a further 12 months to demonstrate the viability of the Maleny to Nambour route.

“The continuation of the service through to 27 June 2014 was on the basis that patronage and support from the local community was consistent,” Mr Powell said.

“I’m afraid to say, so far, the numbers of people using the service are not encouraging.  The first two months of data collected are not showing that this bus service is viable into the future.

“The community came out in force to voice their concerns at the potential risk of losing this bus service, now they need to come out and start using it,” he said.

The performance of the Hinterland Connect trial service for the months of August and September 2013 was as follows –








Sunshine Coast Councilor, Jenny McKay, strongly represented the views of her constituents and assisted Mr Powell in the fight against TransLink’s recommendation to cease the service several months ago.

“We put up a great fight and convinced them to keep the service, now we need to show what a valuable commodity it is and use it during the evaluation period until 30 April 2014,” Cr McKay said.

“Public transport options for locals living in the Hinterland is too important to lose and it’s time to hop on the bus and show our support for this Hinterland Connect service,” she said.

Information on the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are as follows –

KPI(1) – Average loading – minimum benchmark value greater than or equal to seven passengers per trip. – Where the load is defined as the number of passengers on a vehicle at a point in time.  This is different to a boarding, which is the number of passengers that get on a bus. KPI(2) – Value for Money (VFM)

– Minimum benchmark value greater than or equal to 3.31 passenger kms per $ of concession adjusted subsidy (based on total Net Cost of services). – The period of evaluation will be from 1 August 2013 to 30 April 2014. – This evaluation period was chosen in order to facilitate an evaluation of the trial, to notify council of the outcomes and to inform the public of changes resulting from the trial.

[ENDS] 12 November 2013

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Keeping the community updated