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Visit to the Maleny Weather Station (August 2013)

I hosted Minster for Science and Innovation, Hon Ian Walker on a visit to the Maleny Weather Station over the weekend.

Maleny Weather Station is run by 90 year old Mr Patrick Stacey.  Mr Stacey takes observations of Maleny’s weather twice a day for the World Meteorological Organisation and the Bureau of Meteorology.

Following a birthday letter I sent to Mr Stacey, I received an open invitation for me to tour the weather station.  I thoroughly enjoyed  seeing Mr Stacey in action dutifully recording our Maleny weather and I was pleased to be able to invite Minister Ian Walker along for the visit.

Both Minister Walker and I enjoyed our visit immensely and felt privileged to learn from Mr Stacey who is an experienced meteorologist.

Mr Stacey publishes both current and historical weather data on his Maleny Weather Station website and he provides a very valuable service to the Maleny community.



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Keeping the community updated