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Powell Media Release – Chaplains work highlighted in annual ‘Walk’ (1 May 2013)

Locals in Conondale and Maleny know that about this time each year they might stick their head out the window and see their local Member of Parliament pounding the pavement to highlight the valuable work of Chaplains at our local state schools.

Known locally as ‘Andrew’s Great Walk’, Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP makes the journey from Little Yabba Creek to Tesch Park in Maleny annually as a fundraising activity for Chaplains and also to reaffirm his commitment to upgrading Maleny-Kenilworth Road.

“I have been a long-time advocate for the work of Chaplains in our school communities so any opportunity to raise much needed funds to allow these services to continue will always have my support.

“Many of our kids rely on Chaplains for emotional support and guidance.  They provide an invaluable service to our students by offering a listening ear, words of wisdom and encouragement in times of need.

“Community members are welcome to join us on the walk and are encouraged to seek donations from friends and family that can be provided to Scripture Union Queensland,” Mr Powell said.

In his four years as the local MP, Mr Powell has been vocal in his commitment to delivering upgrades to Maleny-Kenilworth Road.  This road continues to be an electorate priority for Mr Powell.

“I told the community four years ago I would continue to fight to secure funding for these upgrades and I will not give up on that commitment.

“We know only too well that the former Government spent the money that was allocated to repair the road following the floods in 2010, and it has been my fight ever since to ensure repairs are carried out.

“Even though the tender contract will be awarded imminently to get going on these repairs and work has commenced on a replacement Grigor Bridge, my campaign to upgrade the entire stretch will continue.

“The Minister for Transport and Main Roads is well aware this road is on my hit list and I will continue to work with his Department well into the future so we can see these upgrades delivered.” Mr Powell concluded.

Walkers will meet at Little Yabba Creek at 6am on Friday 24 May.  A BBQ will be held at Conondale State School at around 8.30am.

For more information please contact Mr Powell’s office – 5435 2013.

Pictured below with Boyd Eime, Chaplain from Conondale at the 2012 Walk.

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Keeping the community updated