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Powell Media Release – Two new officers welcomed to Woodford (3 April 2013)

Police Minister Jack Dempsey and Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell welcomed the recruitment and commencement of two new officers for the Woodford community.

The two new officers will assist with various policing tasks from the Woodford station, and work proactively to patrol local streets and assist residents.

“These two new officers form part of the Government’s commitment to increase police on the beat right across the State,” Mr Dempsey said.

“I am happy to see two new officers arrive in Woodford and wish them all the best for their careers in the Queensland Police Service.”

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell welcomed the new officers to the local community during a meeting at the Woodford Police Station.

“I had the pleasure of welcoming both officers to the Woodford station on behalf of the community, and I know they are eager to get to work,” Mr Powell said.

“Both officers will perform various duties right across Woodford, including local patrols, working with nearby schools, Neighbourhood Watch groups, and road safety activities.”

“As the Member for Glass House, I have always been a proud advocate for my community, and I am happy to be part of this great local win today.” 

-ENDS 3 April 2013



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Keeping the community updated