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Students learning the importance of protecting our environment (25 July 2012)

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP has been encouraged by the importance Glass House schools are placing on teaching students the value of caring for their environment.

Following his recent visit to Eudlo State School, the local Member, who is also the Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection, was pleased to see how much interest the students are showing in planning for the future protection of our environment.

“As the parent of five young children, I fully understand the importance of teaching students how valuable our environment is from an early age and fully support any environment program that Glass House schools develop and implement for their school community,” Mr Powell said.

“If our kids learn the importance of caring for and protecting our environment from a young age, then it becomes second nature to them.  Teaching them to recycle and re-use when they are still young enough to make it a habit helps to encourage this behaviour into adulthood. 

While at Eudlo State School,  the students discussed their ‘School Environment Management Plan’ which encourages input from students, teachers and parents on ways the school community can lessen their impact on the environment. 

“In particularly during my visit the students discussed their No Rubbish Lunch policy which encourages home packed lunches to be brought in containers rather than packaging.  This is such a  great idea, not only are the kids understanding the impact rubbish can have on the environment, but the level of schoolyard rubbish at the school has also drastically diminished.

“This visit provided a great opportunity for me to see first hand what the kids have been working on and how they intend to expand and develop their ideas,” Mr Powell said.

“Congratulations to Principal Ian Webb and his fellow teachers for encouraging the kids to become so involved and hands on with this project. 

“The students have really embraced all environment initiatives at this school and as the local Member and the Minister for the Environment, I couldn’t have been more proud to be included in their plans for the future.”


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Keeping the community updated