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News from Parliament (July 2012)

Some of you may be interested to know a little more about the Greentape Bill which has recently been brought to the House.  The Greentape Bill is a co-ordinated package of legislation, business process and information systems reform to the licensing application and assessment processes under the Environmental Protection Act 1994 (EP Act) and represents the most significant reform to licensing processes under EP Act since it commenced.   In a nutshell, the Greentape Bill will reduce costs for industry and the government, improve business investment certainty and allow frontline environmental regulation to be delivered more efficiently.

It will produce estimated savings of $12.5M per year contributing to the government’s policy to reduce regulation and red tape by 20 percent.  One of the best outcomes is that it will make it easier and cheaper for small business to establish in Queensland.  The proposed commencement date for the Act is March 2013 which will allow sufficient time to review and update the Environmental Protection Regulation, prepare guidance materials, train staff and businesses and update systems.  Further information is available online at

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Keeping the community updated