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Powell Media Release – Working with Indigenous Rangers on Cape York (3 July 2012)

Joining NAIDOC celebrations this morning, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell announced contracts were being developed for 10 Indigenous Rangers as part of the Newman Government’s promise to work more closely with communities in Cape York.

In keeping with its 100 Day Action Plan, Minister Powell said his department had initiated the recruitment of 10 Indigenous Rangers with a further 30 Rangers to be employed during the first term of government.

“The Newman Government has a clear vision for the way it wants to use and access National Parks and manage Queensland’s natural resources. Most rangers are Traditional Owners of the land on which they work and will be a key in establishing that,” Minister Powell said.

“As we have indicated, we will replace Wild Rivers declarations with our Cape York Bioregion Management Plan (CY Plan) and Traditional owners will be central to the development of these plans,” he said.

“These rangers will also help us make sure that animal welfare obligations are met while respecting native hunting practices of indigenous communities.”

Contracts are being developed for the first 10 rangers for 2012-13 and the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection will continue discussions with a number of Indigenous communities on the placement of a further 30 Indigenous Rangers over the next three years.

“We want to give communities on the Cape a bigger say in their economic development and I look forward to working with these rangers to create an exciting new vision for North Queensland.”


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Keeping the community updated