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Powell Media Release – Waste Levy wound back (2 July 2012)

As the Federal Government rolls out its carbon tax, Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Andrew Powell said he had moved to ease the cost of living for Queenslanders on July 1 by repealing the Bligh government’s waste levy.

“The Newman government firmly believes the carbon tax is simply an extra cost that will place strain on our economy at a time of global uncertainty, and a time when Queensland’s economy desperately needs to grow,” Mr Powell said.

“We are focused on the need to cut the cost of living and cutting green tape. While we cannot control the gate fees of disposal sites, by removing this poorly managed waste tax we are doing what we can to help business and local councils lower their costs.”

Mr Powell said the carbon tax would have significant impacts on Queensland businesses but substantial changes made by the Newman Government in its first 100 days would ensure environmental protection while encouraging economic growth.

“In keeping with our election commitments, we have introduced our bill to reduce green tape and streamline environmental approvals,” he said.

“We have also repealed the waste levy and we are reviewing all climate change programs being delivered by the Queensland government to ensure Queenslanders aren’t paying twice.”

Minister Powell said his department was also working with the waste industry to establish a strategy that delivered good environmental outcomes.

“The Newman government will not shy away from its responsibility to drive policy and regulation reform with regards to waste management, but we need to do this in consultation with industry,” he said.

“The government will be listening very carefully over coming months to all those with an interest in waste disposal and looks forward to forming productive partnerships to get the right end result.”


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Keeping the community updated