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Andrew’s Great Walk (23 May 2012)

I made a promise three years ago that I would trek the journey from Little Yabba Creek to Maleny in a single day every year to demonstrate my commitment and dedication to this region.

Commonly referred to in the community as ‘Andrew’s Great Walk’, this annual journey aims to highlight my ongoing fight for funds to upgrade Maleny-Kenilworth Road while also acting as a fundraising opportunity for the Chaplaincy programs at Maleny and Conondale State Schools.

I have been a long time supporter of Chaplains in our schools and I see this as a great opportunity to promote the valuable work they do for our kids.

The call has gone out to the wider community and my Parliamentary colleagues to sponsor my walk with 100% of all money raised to be split between the two schools.

Last year Maleny identity and business man Ross Hopper joined me for the whole distance and I am pleased to say that he along with some other dedicated family members have joined me again this year.

My thanks are extended to the volunteers from both school Chaplaincy committees for their contribution to the day.  A big thank you also to the businesses and community members who donated food and drinks to keep the walkers refreshed.

If we can raise money for a cause as worthy as Chaplains and at the same time remind locals that I will continue to do what I can to work with the new Queensland Government to plan for funding to upgradeMaleny-Kenilworth Road, then its win-win for all.

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Keeping the community updated