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Thank you to the people of Glass House

I’m very grateful at being re-elected as the Member for Glass House and more importantly being part of an LNP government.  It’s certainly a humbling experience to know the people of Glass House have again put their trust in me and chosen me as their representative in State Parliament.

First order of business is to support Campbell and the team in enacting our 100 Day Plan.  On top of that, I and the Glass House team will get straight back into following up matters on behalf of local residents.

The key focus for Glass House is delivering on our election promises – reigning in the budget and the debt, addressing cost of living expenses, getting stuck in to planning and delivering the infrastructure we need locally, revitalising our front line services (including new Prep teachers and police officers for the electorate) and restoring accountability in Government.  Locally, that means delivering on cheaper water and electricity, rego and public transport fares.  It means finding out what the true hold ups are regarding the road repairs (it’s now been 14 months in most cases and 26 months in the case of Palmwoods-Montville Road).  And it means pushing the case for more frontline positions in the electorate.

Once the Departments have been set up I intend to speak to the Minister for Main Roads regarding the state of roads throughout Glass House.  I understand the contracts have been let, I’m hoping it’s only been a case of continuing bad weather that is preventing the repairs from kicking off.  If not, I want to get to the bottom of what is holding up the repairs and work with the Minister to ensure they happen quickly.  The people of Glass House have been patient enough.

The LNP announced a range of agricultural policies during the election campaign – many of which are relevant to this area.  We’ve set the goal of doubling farm production by 2040, we plan to undertake a full state-wide agricultural land audit to determine where opportunities exist to expand and improve agricultural outputs and we’ve committed to improving training and job prospects in the agricultural sector.  I know many locals are equally passionate about ensuring Glass House remains a food basket for SEQ.  I look forward to working with these individuals and groups to see it happen.

For me personally, this term is about delivering for Glass House and restoring Queenslanders’ confidence in Government.  Regardless of the role I may play I want people to know this is a government that is willing to listen and work with anybody that sees a bright future for the state.  I want to help get the economy firing again and see the Coast’s tourism, construction and agricultural industries playing their part in that.  And once we get the economy working again, I want to start addressing the big infrastructure projects for the region – particularly public transport infrastructure.

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Keeping the community updated