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Powell Media Release – Shocking evidence of cruelty under Labor’s failed management of Fraser Island dingoes (15 March 2012)

BLIGH Labor’s gross neglect of the welfare of dingoes on Fraser Island has emerged in an independent report that points to shocking cruelty in the trapping and restraining of a young dingo, the LNP said today.

 LNP Shadow Minister for the Environment Andrew Powell said local community and local aboriginal elders were outraged by the cruelty and the mismanagement of dingoes under Bligh Labor Environment Ministers Kate Jones and now Vicky Darling.

 “The autopsy* of the young dog that was trapped and restrained by government officers and the report by the independent veterinarian should be on the Premier’s desk,” Mr Powell said.

 “It is a pathetic and very sad account of how native animals are being treated by this inept government – a government led by callous Ministers who are totally out of touch with reasonable community standards.

 “There can be no excuse for this sort of thing.

 “Queenslanders are sick of the lies and spin about continuing gross acts of cruelty against native animals – in this case, deliberate or otherwise, by government officers.

 “Earlier this week ABC television broadcast the most terrible footage of turtles and dugongs by slaughtered and butchered while still alive and all the Premier did was step over Vicky Darling and announce yet another investigation.

 “In this case of the dingo trapping on Fraser Island – she needs to do much more than just announce an investigation – she needs to shut the trapping down immediately and hold whoever responsible to full account.

 “In the case of turtles and dugongs, this tired, 20-year Labor government has years to do something to stop this inhumane treatment of endangered species and they’ve done nothing. Only the LNP will act to close the loophole in Queensland state laws to stop this terrible and cruel slaughter of turtles, dugongs and other native animals.

 “It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”

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Keeping the community updated