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Powell Media Release – Families to see carbon tax impact on power bills (27 February 2012)

Residents of Glass House will see the real cost of Labor’s carbon tax on their power bills under an LNP government, LNP Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell said today.

Mr Powell said Labor’s carbon tax would hit all Glass House households and businesses.  It would cost jobs and lead to huge price rises – especially for electricity.

“The tired, 20-year Labor Government refused to stand up for Queenslanders and fight the Carbon Tax,” Mr Powell said.

“But the LNP will fight it, and as part of our commitment we will ensure Queenslanders can see how much Labor’s carbon tax and green programs are really adding to their cost-of-living.

“Under the LNP, power companies will be required to include the cost of the Carbon Tax and green energy schemes on every household bill,” Mr Powell said.

“The information will be consistent with the approach taken by NSW who have recently announced a similar plan.

“Certainly we will consult with electricity providers on how best to provide the information.

“This is about ensuring the cost of Labor’s carbon tax is included on power bills so thatQueenslandfamilies can see the real impact on their budgets and determine whether Federal Labor Government’s compensation is enough.

“We will ensure real transparency in the pricing of carbon and the impact on home power bills.

“Unfortunately Labor, at both the State and Federal level, are focused on themselves not on Queenslanders.”

Mr Powell said it was time Queenslanders voted Labor out.

“It’s time for a change. A strong and united LNP Government will get Queenslandback on track,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Keeping the community updated