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Powell Media Release – LNP will deliver better Wild River outcomes (17 February 2012)

LNP Shadow Minister for the Environment Andrew Powell said that reports  that the LNP had shifted its position on the protection of Wild Rivers, are not true.

Mr Powell said the LNP has always made it clear it will protect sensitive areas and waterways.

“ But our sensible approach is in stark contrast to  the controversial and cumbersome way that the Bligh Labor government has set up its Wild Rivers Declarations,” Mr Powell said.

“We have already clearly and unambiguously spelled out our policy in relation to Cape York – which will protect significant areas in consultation with locals.

“Similarly with the Western Rivers we will work with locals and other stakeholders about appropriate environmental protections for their region.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP  will not adopt a one size fits all policy,” he said.

 “The  point we have consistently made is that we have not finalised consultations, and therefore have not yet committed to setting aside the existing declarations until these discussions are complete.

“We agree with many western councils and primary producers that the recent declarations failed to address a number of local concerns.

“The LNP wants to protect sensitive river systems.  We are not locked into flawed Bligh government legislation which was more about Green politics and election preference deals than achieving an appropriate balance between protecting waterways and iconic areas with ongoing opportunities for pastoralists and Indigenous communities.

 “It’s time for a change, and we can only change Queensland by changing to a CanDo government.”


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Keeping the community updated