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Powell Media Releases – Labor tax lays waste to businesses (16 February 2012)

THE LNP has again pledged to dump Labor’s business-destroying waste tax on winning government.

Speaking in Parliament last night LNP Shadow Minister for Environment Andrew Powell said the long-term Labor government’s tax was destroying businesses, driving up costs for councils and adding to Labor’s living cost impact on all Queenslanders.

“It’s a flawed tax and we will repeal it,” Mr Powell said.

“An LNP government will not shy away from its responsibility to drive policy and regulation reform with regards to waste management, but it will not be in the form of a business-destroying, anti-recycling, cost-shifting, cost-of-living tax.”

Mr Powell said Labor’s waste tax, in operation for just two and half months, had already destroyed seven mini-skip businesses in southeastQueensland.

“This ill-conceived Labor tax is hurting Queenslanders because many local governments and businesses are forced to pass the costs on to ratepayers and customers,” Mr Powell said.

“For example, residential aged care operators have had their waste charges hiked up by at least 35 per cent.

“And while Labor keeps trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Queenslanders by calling this tax a waste levy – no one really believes it will actually help the environment.

“It’s just another onerous tax introduced by Labor to pay off their skyrocketing debt and capture green preferences – rather than truly achieve real green outcomes.

“A CanDo LNP Government will work with the waste sector to implement industry-driven reduction solutions.”

Mr Powell said only the LNP was committed to reducing cost-of-living pressures on families by freezing rego for family cars in its first term, reinstating stamp duty concession on family homes saving up to $7000 and freezing the domestic electricity tariff 11 to provide savings of around $120 a year on home power bills.

“The LNP will also provide discounted weekly public transport fares by making the 10th and any additional trip free each week – and we have a four-point water plan to drive down ratepayers’ water bills.  And we will repeal this disastrous tax.

“We can’t afford Labor again. Not again, not this time.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to getQueenslandback on track.”

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Keeping the community updated