Keeping the community updated

Letter to the Editor Peachester Range Road update- Glasshouse Country News (December 2011)

Dear Editor,

In keeping with my commitment to keep Peachester locals updated on progress with upgrades to Peachester Range Road I write to inform readers that the Minister for Main Roads has declined to attend or arrange a community meeting.  The Minister is quoted as saying; “I am advised that the Department of Transport and Main Roads is implementing a broad communications campaign in regard to the construction works to be carried out on this road.  It is expected that dissemination of this information directly to the community will be more timely and effective than arranging a public forum.”

Like many in the community I am disappointed by this response.  In the absence of any direct community briefing I continue to encourage concerned constituents to contact my office.

 Andrew Powell MP

Member for Glass House

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Keeping the community updated