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Powell Media Release – Waste tax dumps on Queensland taxpayers (30 November 2011)

The State Opposition has slammed the Bligh Government for adding to the soaring cost of living for all families and businesses when its waste tax which kicks in tomorrow.

Shadow Minister for Environment Andrew Powell will attempt to stop the tax by moving a disallowance motion in Parliament.

“This tax will hurt every Queenslander because many local government and businesses will be forced to pass the cost on to ratepayers and customers,” Mr Powell said.

“For example, residential aged care operators will have their waste charges hiked up by at least 35 per cent.

“This tired, 20-year-old Labor government broke yet another election promise and rushed it through parliament.”

 “While the government is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of Queenslanders by calling this tax a waste levy – no one really believes it will actually help the environment.

 “This is just another onerous tax that has been introduced by Labor to capture green preferences – rather than truly achieve actual green outcomes.

 “Anna Bligh and Labor lied about the fuel tax and they lied about asset sales. They can’t be trusted.

 “A CanDo LNP Government will work with waste generators to implement industry-driven reduction solutions.”

 Mr Powell said the LNP will repeal Labor’s job destroying waste tax.

 “We can’t afford Labor again. Not again, not this time.”



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Keeping the community updated