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Grigor Bridge in Conondale to be replaced (December 2011)

Conondale residents finally have something to smile about with news that Grigor Bridge is to be replaced – not just fixed – replaced!  Residents who rely on Grigor Bridge as their link into town will remember only too well the rain event in October 2010 that forced the initial closure of this bridge.  The bridge was closed to all traffic after torrential rain caused suspected damage to the bridge surface and its foundations.  Rehabilitation works were being carried out and the Department of Transport and Main Roads had reopened the bridge just in time for it to be closed again during the January deluge.  A new bridge is great news for this community.  To constantly repair this ancient timber construction just didn’t make sense.  Even Major General Mick Slater, the inaugural Head of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority, could see something had to be done.  When the General toured in April he clearly identified the ongoing frustration the closures brought the locals.   

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have confirmed construction on the $7 million new bridge is expected to start mid-2012 and is likely to take eight months to complete.  Motorists are to continue using the existing bridge.

Congratulations to the Conondale community – your patience while waiting for the Department to do the right thing and replace the bridge has paid off.  This is a great win for all.  

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Keeping the community updated