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Powell Media Release – LNP reforms to benefit schools and students in Glass House (29 November 2011)

Schools and students in Glass House will benefit from the LNP’s Independent Public Schools concept, unveiled today by LNP Leader Campbell Newman.

 LNP Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP said the plan would give state schools more control over their own decisions so they can deliver high quality education outcomes for their students with less bureaucracy.

 “For years schools in Glass House have been forced to spend their budgets and hire staff in accordance with a ‘one size fits all’ approach under this tired Labor Government,” Mr Powell said.

 “This approach has seenQueenslandstudents’ literacy and numeracy results ranked last or nearly last of all states across all year levels.

 “We’re committed to addressing this problem and will introduce an Independent Public Schools concept which will give principals, schools and communities greater control and ownership of their school, as well as greater autonomy in decision making such as hiring teachers and managing their school budget.

 “Under the plan principals can demand higher behavioural standards from students, and have the authority to enforce these expectations and schools will have the independence to hire staff to fill identified needs and fit the school environment.

 “They will also be able to spend their budgets in a way that will bring the most benefit to the school and their local community.”

 Mr Powell said transition to become an Independent Public School would be voluntary and selected state schools would represent a balanced cross section of the entire state of Queensland.

 Under an LNP Government, around 120 Queensland State schools will be given the opportunity to volunteer to transition to Independent Public Schools over the next four years, with 30 State schools transitioning each year.

 Participating schools will receive up to $50,000 to cover any charges associated with transitioning to these innovative reforms.  In addition, Independent Public Schools will be eligible to receive up to a further $50,000 in funding each year for administrative purposes.


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Keeping the community updated