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Powell Media Release – Speed camera revenue should go back to road safety in the local community (21 November 2011)

Member for Glass House Andrew Powell has responded to community feedback by calling on the Government to redirect funds raised from new speed cameras along theD’Aguilar Highwayback to road safety in the local community.

 “It is disappointing to see there are some irresponsible drivers who choose to speed along this road or drive in a reckless manner and perhaps installing speed cameras is one way of warning these drivers to be careful.

 “We are all too aware of the accidents that have occurred along this road and sadly many local people have been involved directly or indirectly in some way.

 “I don’t believe there is one single solution to fixing the problems on theD’Aguilar Highwaybut funding to start making small changes would go a very long way,” Mr Powell said.

 Community member Janet Wright has contacted Mr Powell suggesting that the revenue raised from speed cameras be used to fund upgrades and safety improvements to the road.

 “I believe we need a combination of things to reduce the carnage on our highway.  Yes we need upgrades to the road, speed reductions in some areas and better driver awareness campaigns but I’d also like to see compulsory defence driving courses as a mandatory requirement of obtaining a drivers licence,” Ms Wright stated.

 “Road accidents change lives in the blink of an eye and create unnecessary hardship and heartbreak throughout our community.

 Mr Powell has backed Ms Wright’s statement and has now written to the Minister for Police Corrective Services and Emergency Services to put forward the suggestion that revenue raised from these speed cameras be put back into road safety on this highway.

 “They keep telling us there is no money to fix the road so why not listen to what the people want.  I see no reason why money generated from speed cameras in this area shouldn’t be directed to road safety improvements in the local community,” Mr Powell concluded.


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Keeping the community updated