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LNP Agriculture Strategy

LNP Leader Campbell Newman launched the CanDo LNP Agriculture Strategy on Friday 16 September which offers a new future for agriculture in Queensland and will position the state to be part of the solution to a predicted global world food crisis.

LNP launches 30 year vision to boost Queensland agriculture

LNP Leader Campbell Newman today launched the CanDo LNP Agriculture Strategy which offers a new future for agriculture in Queensland and will position the state to be part of the solution to a predicted global world food crisis.

The United Nations estimates the world’s food consumption will increase between 70-100 per cent by 2050 and the LNP’s strategy is to double Queensland’s food production by 2040 to help meet the challenge of feeding a growing world.

“There isn’t a long term plan for agriculture in Queensland and our extensive consultation with the sector found that producers and industry groups want government to set out a long term plan,” Mr Newman said.

“Much of Queensland’s economy was built on agriculture and this industry has an exciting and productive role to play in the future not only feeding Queenslanders, but to feed an increasingly hungry world.

“The LNP believes food security is as much a local priority as it is a global priority and that requires a long term plan and a Government that genuinely values food production.”

The LNP strategy includes facilitating new infrastructure to support agriculture, improving agriculture skills and career pathways, improving Research, Development and Extension (R, D and E) and commitment to ensuring bio-security.

“After decades of disgraceful neglect by this tired, 20 year old Labor Government the LNP is offering a long-term vision backed up by a practical and sensible plan.

“The strategy prioritises agriculture as one of the four Pillars which will invigorate Queensland’s economy and get it back on track.

“The stand-alone agriculture department will drive and support the growth and sustainability of farms and rural industries.

“This department will make R, D and E a key plank to improve productivity.

“Because Queensland is on the front line of the fight against imported pests and diseases, the strategy sets out requirements for increased bio-security to ensure surveillance and detection safeguards for our rural industries.”

The Productivity Commission has found that there is a direct return from agricultural R and D of around 57 per cent.

“The strategy will protect Strategic Cropping Land, and an LNP government will also conduct a thorough state wide audit to indentify the amount of land which could be improved for more intensive agriculture.

“This plan not only protects Strategic Cropping Land, it has an increased production focus so it looks at options for where that extra production can be achieved.”

Agriculture accounts for 60 per cent of Queensland’s water demand and use.

The LNP’s agriculture Strategy supports the construction of the Connor Rivers and the Nathan dams and the water for Bowen project.

Mr Newman said to ensure a strong future for agriculture, the LNP will oppose the Carbon Tax proposed by Labor which will hit the bottom line of rural family and business budgets.

“Australian agriculture has long recognised Queensland’s agriculture industry as leading and innovative. This strategy will ensure we remain a world leader in agriculture.

“While Labor treats agriculture as part of Queensland’s history, a CanDo LNP government sees it as an extremely important part of Queensland’s future.

“The only way there can be change in Queensland is through the CanDo LNP team which is planning for the future.”

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