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Powell Media Release – LNP to crack down on violent crime (24 June 2011)

Convicted murderers and cop killers will serve more time in jail under an LNP plan to crack down on violent crime.

 LNP Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP supported LNP Leader Campbell Newman’s address at the Queensland Media Club yesterday, where Mr Newman said the Bligh Labor Government had failed to do anything meaningful to protect police, and had failed to ensure murderers served the time their crimes deserve.

“It’s clear Labor’s current non-parole periods have failed the community,” said Mr Newman.

“Under Queensland’s existing laws, life imprisonment does not mean ‘natural life’. The current law states where an offender is serving a single sentence for the crime of murder, the prisoner’s parole eligibility date is 15 years.”

Mr Newman announced that an LNP Government would deliver a tough, new approach to handling life sentences for murder.

“Under an LNP Government, non-parole periods for murder will be increased from 15 to 20 years, and for multiple murders from 20 to 30 years.

“The Can Do LNP plan will ensure criminals convicted of murder serve the time that the gravity of this most heinous crime deserves.”

Mr Newman said the LNP would also introduce harsher sentences for criminals who murder a police officer.

“The LNP will introduce new laws to ensure criminals who murder a police officer serve a non-parole period of 25 years,” he said.

“We will also double the maximum penalty for serious assault on a police officer from seven to 14 years.

“Criminals who want to treat police as punching bags need to get the message that their thuggish behavior won’t be tolerated.

“The LNP is determined to modernise and reform our laws so that sentences match community expectations,” said Mr Newman.

LNP Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP said “The LNP will work for Queensland, not for ourselves”.

Offence Under Labor The LNP Plan
 Murder  Life imprisonment

15 years before parole eligibility

 Life imprisonment for murder 

20 years non-parole parole eligibility

 Murder of a Police Officer  No existing category  Life Imprisonment

25 years non-parole eligibility

 Multiple murder  Life Imprisonment

20 years non-parole eligibility

 Life Imprisonment

30 years non-parole eligibility

 Serious assault on a police officer

S340(1)(b) criminal code

 Maximum penalty

7 years imprisonment

 Maximum Penalty

14 years imprisonment

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Keeping the community updated