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Andrew on a walking mission – May 2011

For the second year in a row, Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell has strapped on his hiking boots in an effort to highlight the increasing need to upgrade the Maleny-Kenilworth Road.

“The main focus of this walk is to demonstrate my ongoing commitment to securing Main Roads funding to complete this desperately needed upgrade.

“We thought the road was in bad shape before the floods earlier this year but now following more damage to Grigor Bridge at Conondale and numerous landslips the road is in a truly deteriorating state.

“This government just doesn’t listen – after my walk last year I tabled a petition in Parliament with a massive 1890 signatures calling on the government to fund this upgrade before someone is seriously hurt.  Another year on we are still waiting,” Mr Powell commented.

Never one to let an opportunity go to waste, Mr Powell this year used his walk to raise much needed funds for the Chaplaincy programs at Maleny and Conondale State Schools.

“I have been a long time supporter of Chaplains in our local schools and I saw this as my chance to promote the great work they do for our kids. 

“I have put the call out to the wider community and my Parliamentary colleagues to sponsor my walk with 100% of all money raised to be split between the two schools.

“My thanks go out to the volunteers from both school Chaplaincy committees for their contribution.  A big thank you also to those businesses and community members who donated food and drinks to keep the walkers refreshed.

It’s great to see that this year, we have not only increased community awareness over the need to upgrade this road, but also raised money for a good cause at the same time.

“The issue of funding for this road is not something I will give up on.  I am committed to seeing this road upgraded and I will make this same walking trip every year until it happens,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Keeping the community updated