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News in Brief – Newman’s First Big Win for Queenslanders (7 April 2011)

Premier Anna Bligh has been forced to reform the water system that she bungled.  Member for Glass House Andrew Powell said when Campbell Newman entered the State Government scene he announced his four point plan to fix the water system.  Initially these changes were rejected by Labor but Campbell Newman held them to account and forced a change.  Mr Powell warns that the LNP will need to see all of the details of the plan before they can be sure the changes will help Queenslanders the way Campbell Newman proposed or whether the Government is simply playing politics again.  Mr Powell said this is the first big win for Campbell Newman and the people of South East Queensland.  Under the Can Do LNP Team, Queenslanders will power Queensland again, not politics.

Campbell Newman’s Four Point Plan for Water Prices

  1. Amalgamation of the five bulk water entities into one to provide greater efficiencies
  2. Hand back control of water retailing to councils
  3. Write off some of the non-performing water grid assets
  4. Immediately adopt a 40 year price path to repay the State    Government’s $7 billion water grid debt

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Keeping the community updated