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Update for Bellthorpe Residents

Update as of 21 February 2011

I am happy to announce that Gap Rd is now open.

It has been opened to a single lane with traffic lights.

Please be aware that there is a weight limit – light vehicles, under 5 tonne, to travel this road only.

Update as of 18 February 2011

As you all know, rain has delayed some of the works on Gap Road this week but the latest information is that the road could be sealed by this afternoon and then traffic will hopefully be able to use the road after Monday 21 February.  This will all depend on the amount of rainfall over the weekend.

Update as of 9 February 2011

Today I have made personal representations to the Minister for Police, Corrective Services and Emergency Services on behalf of Bellthorpe residents.  I have advised the Minister that due to recent flooding this community is inaccessible to emergency vehicles should a situation arise where assistance is required.  Given that Bellthorpe sits on the border of two Queensland Ambulance Service Communication Districts I have asked the Minister to advise both Communication Centres that most requests for emergency assistance to this area will in fact require helicopter evacuation.

Update as of 7 February 2011

Cr Raedel has just advised that all is on track to open Gap Road to a single lane of traffic – he has also advised it will take around ten days, weather permitting, to complete the work necessary to open the single lane.  Please DO NOT use the road until it has been deemed safe for traffic.

Update as of 4 February 2011

Some good news for Bellthorpe residents out of a community meeting last night – Council Geotechnical Engineers are working to re-open Gap Road to single lane access for light vehicles only.  This will not be without its challenges and is still not a guaranteed option.  I would like to thank the community for their ongoing patience while Council work to the best solution to maintain the safety of motorists.  Again you have my assurance that I will post updates as soon as they come to hand.  At this stage people are asked to remain off the road until Council have conducted their investigations to see whether they can re-open the single lane.

Update as of 2 February 2011

The small community of Bellthorpe continues to face many challenges as a result of recent flooding.  Gap Road, Range Road and Mears Lane have been closed to all traffic as a result of land slides and the general state of the road following the floods.  I have been receiving regular updates from Councillor Adrian Raedel as the Moreton Bay Regional Council has conducted their investigations into the extent of the damage.  Advice from council Geotechs has recommended a total reconstruction of sections along Gap Road and the criteria under which the road could be opened to one lane are unworkable given the scope of the damage caused.  Cr Raedel would like to assure residents that Council is well aware of the urgency to get this road repaired and will be doing all they can to get traffic back on the road as soon as possible.

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Keeping the community updated