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POWELL MEDIA RELEASE – Waste Watch Forum (6 October 2010)

The LNP Waste Watch Committee will hold its first public hearing in the Sunshine Coast on 20 October and locals have been urged to join the fight against Government Waste.

Local LNP MPs Fiona Simpson and Andrew Powell asked the Committee to conduct a hearing locally because Coast residents are facing high cost of living pressures fed by wasteful Government policies and they wanted locals to have a say.

The public hearing will be at the CWA Hall Nambour at 10am on 20 October and residents with confidential matters can also arrange for a private meeting.

“The LNP Waste Watch was set up because of the astonishing levels of Government waste that led to the loss of Queensland’s AAA credit rating, a record $83.5 billion debt, increased charges and taxes, and a fire sale of public assets,” Chairman Scott Emerson MP said.

“Our hearings give Queenslanders an opportunity to tip us off about waste. We urge people to participate and together we can reduce the debt, restore the AAA rating and rebuild a respect for taxpayers’ hard earned dollars,” he said

Shadow Minister for Transport and Member for Maroochydore Fiona Simpson said that Sunshine Coast residents were sick of wearing the brunt of increased charges and costs of living because of State Government mismanagement.

“The LNP Waste Watch committee gives locals a way to participate in the fight against waste and to help get Queensland’s books back in order,” Fiona Simpson said.

Andrew Powell, who is also a member of the Waste Watch Committee, said that every Queenslander could play a role in fighting wasteful expenditure and reducing the record $83.5 billion debt.

“People are sick of the waste they are seeing, but because the Government isn’t listening they feel helpless at the billions of dollars in waste they see going down the drain.”

“Every hard earned taxpayer dollar counts and taxpayers should be getting much better value for money. This hearing on 20 October and is a way for every Queenslander to help save taxpayer money by blowing the whistle on waste,” Mr Powell said.

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Keeping the community updated