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15 March 2017

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, is thrilled to announce that safety improvement works planned on the D’Aguilar Highway at Woodford are set to begin in mid-2017. Following the Australian Government’s announcement in October last year to allocate $16 million to improve highway safety between Caboolture and Kilcoy, a new eastbound overtaking lane will be built on the D’Aguilar Highway at Woodford. Road safety improvements at Wamuran will also be completed.

“It’s great to hear that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have finalised the design for the overtaking lane in Woodford and I know the community will be excited to see the work commence on this latest project”, Mr Powell said.

“Key features will include an eastbound overtaking lane, 1km in length, between Chambers Road and Peterson Road, left-turn treatment (southbound) into Chambers Road, right-turn treatment (northbound) into Chambers Road and a dedicated right-turn lane from the D’Aguilar Highway into Ironbark Drive”.

Mr Powell said that these improvements will certainly improve safety along this stretch of the Highway and he would like to acknowledge and thank the Australian Government for their commitment to ensuring further improvements on the D’Aguilar Highway.

“On the back of improvements already completed at the two Gamgee Road intersections which included construction of an overtaking lane (eastbound) and resealing of the road surface between Neurum Road and Canando Street, these improvements will go a long way in making the journey between Caboolture and Kilcoy a much safer alternative”, Mr Powell concluded.



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5 July 2016

Funding helps local community groups

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell has welcomed a recent announcement that will provide funding to several worthy community groups in the Glass House electorate.

Mr Powell has reported that four clubs have shared in just over $120,000 through Round 88 of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to help them with the purchase of necessary equipment and perform upgrades to their club facilities.

“We know our community groups face a constant struggle to access funds to keep them viable so these sorts of funding injections really go a long way to helping them survive.

“Most of the recipients in Glass House are using the funds to purchase new equipment which will not only have a positive effect on their current members but also go a long way to attracting new membership.

“All of these community groups are run by volunteers and the application process is not an easy one to navigate so I congratulate those who have put in the effort and been successful this time around.

List of Glass House recipients in Round 88 includes –

• Glasshouse District Cricket Club – replace practice nets
• Wamuran Historical and Visitor Centre – upgrade facility
• Woodford Show Society – purchase a tractor
• Maleny Arts & Crafts Group – purchase a kiln and upgrade facility
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Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
20 April 2016

Progress results in positive changes along D’Aguilar Highway

The road work inconvenience and traffic disruptions felt by communities living along the D’Aguilar Highway will all be worthwhile when we see the new and improved D’Aguilar Highway unveiled to traffic later this year.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has been closely monitoring progress on the works and is pleased to have feedback from the Department of Transport and Main Roads that various projects along the Highway have been, or are nearing, completion..

“For many years this community has been crying out for improvements and I know just how excited they are to finally see the road works finished and improvements delivered.

“It’s been a long, hard slog to get to this stage but I am sure it will have all been worth it in the end.

Mr Powell is pleased to advise the following projects that have now been completed –

• The new Station Road intersection (previously Gamgee Road east) with the D’Aguilar Highway has opened to traffic.
• Resealing works on the D’Aguilar Highway between Canando Street and Neurum Road at Woodford is completed.
• The Gamgee Road (west) intersection with the D’Aguilar Highway upgrade is complete.

The following works are still in progress –

• Earthworks for road widening on the D’Aguilar Highway between the Gamgee Road (west) intersection and the new Station Road intersection is continuing. This work is scheduled for completion late May 2016, weather permitting.
• Pavement rehabilitation works in the existing westbound lane and the new overtaking lane between R Williams Road and Gamgee Road (west) on the D’Aguilar Highway are currently underway. These works are scheduled for completion mid-2016, weather permitting.
• Work to rehabilitate the pavement at the intersection of Gamgee Road and Meurant Road commenced in mid-April. This work is scheduled to be completed mid-May, weather and construction conditions permitting.

“I have also been advised that the ‘Township Entry Treatments’ (TET) project at Wamuran is scheduled to commence on 26 April 2016, weather permitting and will take approximately one week to complete.

“This project includes changes to the entry speed limit signs and pavement treatments, to highlight to motorists travelling along D’Aguilar Highway that they are entering a lower-speed environment and to encourage them to slow down on their approach, and through the township,” Mr Powell concluded.


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In addition to delivering a long time commitment to reduce speed along the D’Aguilar Highway at County Drive Wamuran, the Member for Glass House is now pleased to announce several more speed reductions that will have a positive impact on the growing communities of Wamuran, D’Aguilar and Woodford.

Andrew Powell has long campaigned for safer road conditions along the D’Aguilar Highway, particularly around the D’Aguilar township itself and near Mary Street in Woodford and he understands these changes will greatly benefit motorists and residents in surrounding neighbourhoods.

“I have been advocating on behalf of these communities to see these safety measures implemented for many years so I am thrilled to see that ‘people-power’ has finally proven successful.

“We have lobbied TMR countless times over the years demonstrating that with the steady growth of population in these areas the speed limit needed to be reduced to minimise the chance of accidents or even worse, fatalities.”

The Department of Transport and Main Roads have advised the following speed reductions will be in force by mid-April weather permitting:

• The speed limit from Neurum Road through to approximately 300m west of the Kilcoy-Beerwah Road intersection (which includes Mary Street, Canando Street, and Old Cove Road) to be reduced from 100km/hr to 80km/hr.
• The speed limit between the D’Aguilar township and the Woodford township to be reduced from 100km/hr to 80km/h.
• The speed limit through the D’Aguilar township to be reduced from 80km/h to 60km/h.

“Decisions to reduce speed limits are not made lightly and I am informed by TMR that they have only made these changes with the safety of our community at the top of their priority list.”

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Andrew and Matt Garth

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The Wamuran community, particularly those who live off County Drive, have a lot to be happy about this year with an announcement that the speed along the D’Aguilar Highway, 400 metres east of County Drive to east of Franks Lane, will be reduced to 80km/h.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP has campaigned for this reduction on behalf of the community for over seven years and is thrilled that the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) have finally listened to demands to address this issue.

“I spend a great deal of time in the Wamuran community and every time I visit people tell me how a speed reduction in this area is vital.  I have raised this time and time again with TMR so to finally hear we have been successful is just brilliant.

“Safety is such a big issue, residents feel like they are taking their lives into their hands every time they try and exit County Drive and merge with traffic travelling at 100km/h.  And in peak hour – forget it!

“The reduction from 100km/hr to 80km/hr east of County Drive through to Wamuran will now give residents in surrounding areas the opportunity to ease into traffic with a lot more confidence around their ongoing safety.

“Decisions to reduce speed limits are not made lightly and I am informed by TMR that they have only made this change with the safety of our community at the top of their priority list.

Mr Powell has been advised that the new speed limit signage will be installed by late March 2016.

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22 February 2016

Any tight knit community knows that supporting small business is the only way we can ensure positive economic growth and increased employment opportunities which is why Andrew Powell, Member for Glass House, has announced the first ever Glass House Small Business Awards.

These awards, to be held during Queensland Small Business Week in May, will have a strong focus on boosting the profile of the many small businesses that operate within the Glass House electorate boundaries.

“In Glass House we are fortunate to have over 20 unique townships and each one of these has a varying amount of small family owned businesses that survive solely on the support of their local community.

“We don’t have any big retail complexes so our small businesses have to be diverse in their offerings and conscious of how to compete in tough economic times and against Coast and Brisbane based enterprises.  They have to deliver top customer service and be willing to change with the times and desires of their community.

“Because I understand how tough they do it, I have created these awards as a way to publicly recognise their service and give them some much needed promotion.  These awards will highlight what they are doing best and will remind our larger community that shopping local will stimulate economic growth and local employment opportunities.

The 2016 Glass House Small Business Awards open for nominations on Monday 22 February.  Nomination forms are available online at or you can call Mr Powell’s office on 5435 2013 to request one.

“A Gala Awards dinner will be held during Queensland Small Business Week from 16 to 22 May where all nominated businesses will be profiled and celebrated for their efforts in our region.  A winner will be chosen from the six main business districts of which includes Caboolture, Woodford, Glasshouse, Maleny, Montville and Palmwoods and then an overall winner will also be chosen.

“I know that each of you would have at least one experience where you have shopped locally and received excellent customer service so why not seize the opportunity to publicly thank and recognise this small business or staff member and submit a nomination,” Mr Powell concluded.


It is not often that a local Member is approached to reduce a speed limit on a local road, but the Wamuran community have been demanding action to reduce the speed near Rangeview Estate for too long and are tired of the excuses given by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR).

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, has joined their pleas for help and has again written to the Minister for Main Roads asking that this be given upmost priority before lives are lost.

“We know the entrance to County Drive in Wamuran has long been a source of concern for residents but with population growth in this area, we can’t continue to compromise the safety of Wamuran residents.

Councillor for the area, Adrian Raedel, is also strongly in favour of a speed reduction in this area.

“It doesn’t matter where I go, whether I’m at the monthly Wamuran Sports Dinner or at a mobile office, people continue to bring up the need to address safety concerns at County Drive.

“It is not uncommon to see seven or more cars backed up along County Drive at peak times trying to get onto the Highway.  Safety is a real issue and it shouldn’t take a fatal accident to make changes when the community is calling for them.” Cr Raedel stated.

Mr Powell is calling on the Government to shift the 80km/hr zone on the D’Aguilar Highway from outside the Vet to east of the County Drive/Turnbull Drive intersections – a distance of less than a kilometre.

“I acknowledge the recent news that TMR are making changes to the entrance to the Wamuran township, something I have been working on for many years.

“But TMR needs to go one step further and reduce the speed on either side of the County Drive intersection before it’s too late.  Using the excuse that there have not been enough accidents just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I don’t want any accidents. I don’t want any unnecessary deaths.

“This is one of the most important issues affecting the Wamuran community and they have my commitment that I will do what I can to fight to see changes made.”


[ENDS] 28 October 2015

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I issued a comment to the Caboolture media about this great win we have achieved locally in Wamuran!

I am sure these improvements will make a huge change in the town and increase awareness for visitors on the need to take care when driving in this area.


9 October 2015
Comment from Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House

“Wamuran residents know only too well the challenges with living alongside a very busy highway.  As long as I have been the state representative for this great area, people have approached me to help make various traffic and safety improvements along the D’Aguilar Highway.

Of course the biggest success story is the significant upgrade that we will soon see delivered at several sections along the D’Aguilar Highway thanks to a contribution from the Federal Government.  In addition to this, after being approached by the Wamuran Neighbourhood Watch, I asked TMR to consider making some changes to the speed limit signage near Wamuran.

The community would be aware that the 60km/h speed zone was slightly extended earlier this year with the re-positioning of the sign, but now we have been advised that TMR will be introducing a town entry statement which will change the road environment and encourage motorists to slow down.  The entry statement, known as a Township Entry Treatment (TET) will be installed on both approaches to Wamuran.

The TET will include dual entry statement speed limit signs in combination with a painted road surface.  The TET aims to create increased awareness and compliance to a reduced speed limit that typically applies in townships located along higher speed rural roads.

The 60km/h speed limit sign on the westbound approach to Wamuran will be located just at the start of the left hand curve into Wamuran.  This location will be relatively close to the original location of the speed limit sign, and in combination with the high standard signage and line marking treatment, will address the concerns raised by the Wamuran NHW.

This is such a great outcome for our community and I will update residents again as soon as I have information on the proposed installation timeframes.”

Ends – 9 October 2015




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    My mobile office will be in Glasshouse Mountains and Wamuran on Wednesday 23 September so make sure you come along and catch up with me if you need to chat about any local issues.

    I make sure I have these mobile offices regularly but with the busy Christmas period approaching, this may be the last time I get to these locations this year.  If you can’t make it to see me at my mobile office, I am always happy to accommodate appointments in my Maleny office.

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