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Kashmiah Hair

20 April 2017

As part of his commitment to fight for the needs of the Glass House community, Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP has lent his support to a petition calling on Council to provide additional disability parking in Maleny.

Mr Powell is working with Principal Petitioner, Kodi Hohn of Kashmiah Hair, in requesting the Council to provide more disability parking at the top end of Maple Street on the southern side.

“Maple Street currently has five disability parking spaces in the middle precinct that all have reasonable access to a pedestrian crossing allowing people with mobility issues quick access to businesses in the centre of the Maple Street business strip”, Mr Powell said.

“Unfortunately there is only one disability park at the top end of Maple Street and being on the northern side, makes it extremely difficult for people with mobility issues to get to the town centre”.

“I see firsthand every day out the front of my office the struggle people have trying to cross the road at the top end where there is no crossing, or trying to make their way to a crossing which is a considerable distance”, Mr Powell added.

Mr Powell said the old Maleny Police Station is an ideal location for disability parking now the existing loading zone is no longer required.  It would provide a safe, flat and accessible area to have dedicated disability parking on the southern side of Maple Street and this is what the petition is requesting from the Council.

“The petition will be available for signing at my office, at Kashmiah Hair (43 Maple Street) or at the Maleny Community Centre (23 Maple Street) until the end of May,” Mr Powell concluded.

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Photo attached – Andrew Powell with Kodi and Kyowa from Kashmiah Hair

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    I am sponsoring a petition requesting the Minister for Main Roads to investigate and fund safety upgrades at the intersection of Landsborough-Maleny Road and Maleny-Montville Road. I would like to thank Rachel Fentiman of Maleny who has agreed to be Principal Petitioner.  The whole community seems to be in agreement that safety upgrades are certainly necessary at the intersection and after several unsuccessful representations to the Department of Transport and Main Roads requesting improvements to the intersection, it is time for the community to be heard by the Minister.

    The written petition is available for signing at my office (opposite the police station) or at Judy Coey Optometry (opposite the Primary School). You can also add your name to the online petition which can be found at:

    Please note you are allowed to sign both the written and e-petition. The petitions will close on Friday 10 March and I will present them to the Clerk of the Parliament the following week.


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    In case you missed the story in last week’s Glasshouse Country & Maleny News, the new Maleny Indoor Aquatic Centre and new school “Drop N Go” took a huge step in the right direction recently. The Education Department has agreed to a new aquatic centre being built on the school’s lower oval. Plenty still to do – my immediate focus is to get detailed traffic designs prepared for the new intersection and “Drop N Go”. Great partnership to date with Cr Jenny McKay and Greg and Kim from Maleny District Sport and Rec Club.

    Click on the link to see the full media release:

    Powell and McKay Media Release – New Maleny Indoor Aquatic Centre and School ‘Drop n Go’ take huge step forward


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    23 November 2016

    Sunshine Coast Regional Councillor Jenny McKay and State Member for Glass House Andrew Powell are pleased to announce that the Education Department has provided in-principle agreement to a new Indoor Aquatic Centre and “Drop n Go” being built on the Maleny State School lower oval.

    The announcement follows a lengthy and exhaustive process that explored all options for the siting of a new pool and improved school drop-off facilities and involved considerable consultation with the Maleny State School P&C and staff.

    “I and the Sunshine Coast Regional Council have long supported residents’ calls for a new indoor aquatic centre in Maleny – one that allowed all year use and better catered for our growing number of local competitive swimmers”, Cr McKay said.

    Similarly, State Member Andrew Powell has long been campaigning for improved set down and pick up facilities for the children of Maleny State School – a campaign that was constantly frustrated by the traffic movements and developments around the school.

    “So when – in conjunction with staff from Council, Transport and Main Roads (TMR) and Education – we found a design that ticked all the boxes and delivered both a new aquatic centre and ‘drop n go’ we got pretty excited. But that solution clearly required the Education Department to partner Council in making the designs a reality”, Mr Powell said.

    “I’m pleased to announce that late last week the Education Minister wrote to me agreeing to that partnership”, Cr McKay continued.

    The agreement is contingent on more detailed traffic management designs, flood management and connectivity to the school proper being finalised but all of that work can now commence with the in-principle approval.

    “Jenny and I still have plenty of work to do. I need to now work with TMR to prepare detailed traffic designs – designs that Jenny will need as she expedites the matter of land tenure”, said Mr Powell.

    “And of course, the fundraising from all levels of government and the community needs to start in earnest. I’m excited that we are at this stage. For the first time in years, we now have a site we can all agree on. And with a bit more hard work we will be able to turn the community’s vision in to reality”, Cr McKay concluded.

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      Maleny locals have asked me many times over the years what can we do to improve safety around the two pedestrian crossings in town.  I have passed on numerous suggestions and solutions from constituents over that time to the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) hoping we could get some improvements.  I am pleased to announce that TMR have conducted another round of safety assessments on the two crossings in Maple Street and they believe that some improvements could be made to further enhance motorists’ awareness of the pedestrian crossings.

      Whilst the first crossing (near the IGA) has already been updated with the new colour standard – which is fluorescent with a reflective yellow/green background – the second crossing (near the chemist) has not been updated and the Department has committed to having this rectified.  They have also undertaken to install double-sided pedestrian crossing signs on the concrete centre islands facing both directions at each crossing.  They believe that these additional signs will make the approaching crossings more visible to motorists.  The new signage will be installed by the end of December 2016 and I’m sure will be welcomed by the many residents who have raised this concern with me.


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      The week started out with Shadow Cabinet in Toowoomba which was really productive.

      The rest of my time was spent in and around the electorate attending various community events and catching up with groups who have recently received my Local Heroes Grants.

      The biggest highlight by far was the Reed Street traffic signals being turned on for the first time!  Such a sensational event that will be long remembered by this community.

      I also attended assembly at the Maleny State School and the Conondale State School to announce the final donation amount from my annual Maleny-Kenilworth Road Walk.

      This donation is made towards both of the Chappys at these schools in recognition of their efforts.


      Andrew Powell MP
      Member for Glass House
      13 July 2016

      Annual Maleny-Kenilworth Road Walk raises funds for local Chaplains

      In May this year, Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP, completed yet another 38km walk along Maleny-Kenilworth Road from Little Yabba Creek in Cambroon to Maleny in a demonstration of his ongoing support for local Chaplains and his commitment to fix the road.

      “The walk does seem to get tougher each year, but maybe that is just my age creeping up on me! I think it is fair to say it did take me a few extra days to recover this time.

      “I am thrilled that for the second year in a row, Chappy Becky from Maleny State School and Chappy Tressa from Conondale joined me for the entire journey which goes to show how committed they are to what they do,” he said.

      Mr Powell is pleased to report that this year the walk raised a total of $1000 that will be split between the Conondale and Maleny State Schools.  In addition to a donation from Mr Powell’s electorate allowance, smaller donations were also received from several community members.

      “This annual walk forms such an important part of my ongoing agenda for Glass House as it reinforces my unwavering support for our Chaplains but also demonstrates my commitment to secure funding to fix the Maleny-Kenilworth Road,” Mr Powell concluded.

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      Andrew and Chappy Becky

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      5 July 2016

      Funding helps local community groups

      Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell has welcomed a recent announcement that will provide funding to several worthy community groups in the Glass House electorate.

      Mr Powell has reported that four clubs have shared in just over $120,000 through Round 88 of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to help them with the purchase of necessary equipment and perform upgrades to their club facilities.

      “We know our community groups face a constant struggle to access funds to keep them viable so these sorts of funding injections really go a long way to helping them survive.

      “Most of the recipients in Glass House are using the funds to purchase new equipment which will not only have a positive effect on their current members but also go a long way to attracting new membership.

      “All of these community groups are run by volunteers and the application process is not an easy one to navigate so I congratulate those who have put in the effort and been successful this time around.

      List of Glass House recipients in Round 88 includes –

      • Glasshouse District Cricket Club – replace practice nets
      • Wamuran Historical and Visitor Centre – upgrade facility
      • Woodford Show Society – purchase a tractor
      • Maleny Arts & Crafts Group – purchase a kiln and upgrade facility
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        It was wonderful to meet with ladies from the Maleny Arts and Crafts group who were recently successful in obtaining a grant through the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

        These lovely ladies have used the money to purchase a large glass kiln and also a more efficient pottery kiln so they can get on with creating their magnificent pieces of art.

        Well done ladies.

        Maleny Arts and Craft



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        What a wonderful two days we had at the Maleny Show!

        There were record crowds on the Friday which was so great to see – so many smiling faces and so many dagwood dogs consumed – I promise I only had two!

        It was also such a great honour to officially open the show this year – we have such an amazing team of volunteers that band together to bring this show to life year after year and I take my hat off to you all for your efforts.

        This weekend we have the Caboolture Show – 3/4/5 June so make sure you come along and keep an eye out for my LNP stall with Wyatt Roy MP.

        I will also be at the Woodford Show on the weekend of 17/18 June.

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