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Great to be back in the electorate this week and to also travel to other regions as part of my Shadow Ministry role.

Here is the week that was:

  • meetings with constituents and transport industry representatives in the Glass House electorate
  • attended school leadership ceremony at Woodford State School
  • attended Celebrate Glasshouse Country Tourism Launch
  • attended Maleny Hospital Auxiliary AGM
  • attended Glasshouse Chamber of Commerce meeting
  • attended Maleny Lions Youth of the Year event
  • attended school leadership ceremony at Chevallum State School
  • along with Opposition Leader, Tim Nicholls, announced our Get Queensland Working policy – incentives for businesses that take on apprentices and job-seekers (including Work Cover premium discounts) and Tools for Tradies vouchers
  • attended Montville Village Association information session on the South East Queensland Regional Plan
  • meetings with residents, stakeholders and council representatives in my capacity as Shadow Minister for Transport, Main Roads and Local Government in the Condamine, Toowoomba North and Toowoomba South electorates
  • attended the presentation of Queen’s Scout Award to Alex Colvin
  • presented certificate and cheque to Peachester State School P & C as a recipient of a Local Heroes Grant


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13 February 2017 

This week the LNP Opposition will introduce tough new laws to State Parliament to tackle the growing scourge of domestic violence in Glass House and across the state.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, said the Private Members Bill would include reversing the onus of proof for bail, establishing a DV alert system, GPS monitoring for high-risk offenders on bail and introducing immediate appeal rights against bail.

“While the Palaszczuk Government has been sitting on their hands saying they will ‘look into’ strong domestic violence laws, the LNP has actually gone ahead and done it,” Mr Powell said.

“By introducing a DV alert system, victims will be notified when the alleged offender is applying for bail or having their parole reviewed.

“We will also introduce GPS monitoring as an option for bail to ensure an alleged attacker can’t go near the victim,” Mr Powell added.

Mr Powell said Queensland accounted for a quarter of all domestic-violence related deaths in Australia in 2016.

“In 2015-16 there were more than 22,000 domestic violence orders breached across the state – up 39 per cent from the year before,” Mr Powell said.

“Despite this alarming surge, the Palaszczuk Government still hasn’t implemented even half of the recommendations from the Not Now, Not Ever report from two years ago.

“I hope Members from all sides can look past the politics and support these strong laws because the longer we wait, the longer vulnerable women and children will be put at risk,” Mr Powell concluded.

Bail (Domestic Violence) and Another Act Amendment Bill 2017

• Reversing the onus of proof for bail – Making it harder for bail to be granted for alleged offenders charged with domestic violence-related crimes
• Establishing a DV alert system – The LNP Bill allows for automatic notification when anyone the subject of a domestic violence order is being considered for either bail or parole, giving time for victims to prepare mentally and physically for their potential release
• GPS monitoring for high-risk offenders on bail – Allowing the police to apply for GPS monitoring as part of a bail condition to ensure the safety of victims and their families
• Introducing immediate appeal rights against bail – Providing an urgent review of a granted bail application to a higher court.
Ends – 13 February 2017


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21 November 2016
Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell, said a future LNP Government would phase out supermarket-style plastic bags across Queensland, including the Glass House region.

Mr Powell said single-use plastic bags had an average lifespan of just 12 months but could take more than 1000 years to fully decompose.

“I’m proud to lead the Glass House community in cutting public waste, reducing landfill and providing a safer environment for our wildlife and families,” Mr Powell said.

“Queenslanders use around one billion plastic bags every year and the average family collects more than 60 per week.

“By phasing out single-use plastic bags from our local supermarkets, we are making an important investment in our future.

Mr Powell said the LNP’s commitment to phase out plastic bags has been fully endorsed by Clean Up Australia, Wildlife Australia and the Boomerang Alliance, which represents 45 different environmental groups.

“In 2005, all Australian Governments agreed to phase out plastic bags by 2008, but so far only South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT have fulfilled that promise,” Mr Powell said.

“There are plenty of alternatives to the single-use plastic bag – by making a simple lifestyle change, local families can make a huge difference.

Mr Powell added that Green, or bring-your-own bags, heavy retail bags, paper bags and barrier bags for fruit vegetables and meat will not be banned.

“The LNP is committed to protecting our world-class environment, after recently introducing a container deposit scheme that would give consumers, businesses and charities a 10 cent refund for aluminium, glass and plastic drink containers returned for recycling,” Mr Powell concluded.
[ENDS] 21 November 2016



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17 November 2016

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, said the LNP will provide funding for 500 WiFi hotspots in key tourism destinations to allow tourists to share their experiences with their mates while on holidays in Queensland.

Mr Powell said, if elected, an LNP Government would ensure tourists had access to world-class technology so they could brag to their mates back home and showcase some of the unique destinations that Queensland has to offer.

“The LNP will commit $3 million over three years towards a program to install WiFi hotspots at key tourism destinations across the state,” Mr Powell said.

“These WiFi hotspots will be established through grants to local councils which will be responsible for setting up the network to ensure tourists are connected to the world.

“We have an amazing range of natural and man-made tourism assets that are unique to Queensland and set our state apart from other destinations around Australia.

“We want visitors to our state to have access to technology so they can jump online and post their happy snaps to social media or to send them to family or friends.”

Mr Powell said the LNP recognised the importance of the tourism sector and would work with them not against them.

“The LNP is about working with the industry and capitalising on our people and lifestyle, our culture and heritage, our natural wonders and climate,” Mr Powell said.

“Using digital and social media to showcase our great tourism locations is an ideal way to share the word that Queensland is a great place to visit.”

 [ENDS] 17 November 2016

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During his Budget Reply speech today the Leader of the Opposition, Tim Nicholls MP, announced our plan to get Queensland Working. A plan that will provide up to 20,000 jobs for young Queenslanders, reduce the cost of working for young apprentices and incentivise businesses to train and retain young Queenslanders. One of the elements of the plan is “Tools for Tradies” – vouchers for tradies who complete their apprenticeships to buy the necessary tools they need.

To see the full LNP policy announcement click here – Policy_Our Plan to Get Qld Working

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