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Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
13 July 2016

Annual Maleny-Kenilworth Road Walk raises funds for local Chaplains

In May this year, Member for Glass House Andrew Powell MP, completed yet another 38km walk along Maleny-Kenilworth Road from Little Yabba Creek in Cambroon to Maleny in a demonstration of his ongoing support for local Chaplains and his commitment to fix the road.

“The walk does seem to get tougher each year, but maybe that is just my age creeping up on me! I think it is fair to say it did take me a few extra days to recover this time.

“I am thrilled that for the second year in a row, Chappy Becky from Maleny State School and Chappy Tressa from Conondale joined me for the entire journey which goes to show how committed they are to what they do,” he said.

Mr Powell is pleased to report that this year the walk raised a total of $1000 that will be split between the Conondale and Maleny State Schools.  In addition to a donation from Mr Powell’s electorate allowance, smaller donations were also received from several community members.

“This annual walk forms such an important part of my ongoing agenda for Glass House as it reinforces my unwavering support for our Chaplains but also demonstrates my commitment to secure funding to fix the Maleny-Kenilworth Road,” Mr Powell concluded.

[ENDS] 13 July 2016


Andrew and Chappy Becky

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My annual Maleny-Kenilworth Walk is on this Friday which co-incidentally is ‘Walk to School Safely Day’.

I use this annual walk to remind the Minister for Main Roads and his Department that I will not give up the fight to secure funds to repair this road.

In recent years I have also used the walk to highlight the excellent work of our Chaplains, in particular Chappy Becky from Maleny SS and Chappy Tressa from Conondale SS.

We are calling on the community to support the work of these Chaplains in our school and donate to SU to show how much we value their contribution.

All details can be obtained from my office.

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Update 24 March 2016

Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,

There has been a lot of talk in our community recently regarding works to fix the deteriorating state of the Maleny-Kenilworth Road, particularly the section from Cambroon to Kenilworth.  I have been very clear that I feel the current state is inexcusable and unacceptable and due to my recent lobbying on behalf of our community, I was able to mobilise TMR crews to start urgent works to address potholes and uneven road surfaces ahead of the busy Easter weekend.

Many of you would be familiar with my annual walk along this stretch of road – some have even called it a political stunt.  And you know what, they are right, and I make no apologies for that.  This walk is my way of showing the community and the government of the day, regardless of which political persuasion, I have not given up the fight to fix the road.  It provides me with the fuel to show TMR that I will stop at nothing to get a funding commitment from them to fix the road once and for all.

Now that more than $20 million has been spent to fix the landslips and replace Grigor Bridge after flooding events, I have renewed my demands to TMR and the Minister to prioritise funding for the rest of the road to ensure the ongoing safety of our community.  You can join me in my campaign by visiting my website and sending me a message –

Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House



Update 23 March 2016

Statement from Andrew Powell MP
Member for Glass House
23 March 2016
“I can fully understand the frustration of locals at the state of the Maleny-Kenilworth Road between Conondale and Kenilworth.  It is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Upon being notified of the state of the road I immediately contacted the Department of Main Roads who undertook a site visit the following day and ordered emergency works to be done before Easter – those works are occurring today and tomorrow.  Work will continue after Easter to improve the gravel verge of the four kilometre stretch.

This outcome, whilst an improvement, continues to be at best a “band aid” solution and I have again called on Main Roads to bring forward a full upgrade – the construction of two bitumen lanes – at this location.

In the meantime, I ask any resident who uses this road and notices it deteriorating to urgently contact me on 5318 8100.  Please don’t assume someone else has done it, call me so I can get action as soon as possible.”

Ends – 23 March 2016



Update – 22 March 2016

The state of Maleny-Kenilworth Road from Conondale to Booloumba Creek is unacceptable and inexcusable!!

I have spoken to TMR and have been told this afternoon that Contractors will be onsite on Wednesday morning (23rd) to make immediate repairs to the worst pot holes in time for Easter. They have assured me they will be back straight after Easter and throughout April to get the job done properly!

Thanks to the community members who have kept me informed on just how bad the road was getting.



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After being contacted by locals I chased up the deterioration of Maleny-Kenilworth Road at Cambroon with TMR. Here’s their response…

“Thank you for your email of 10 March 2016 requesting urgent maintenance on Maleny-Kenilworth Road between Lees Road and Mary River Bridge Road.

An officer from the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) inspected this section of road on Friday, 11 March 2016. Due to the road’s increased deterioration as a result of the current weather pattern, TMR will be taking immediate action to improve the condition of the road with interim pothole patching to take place this week, weather permitting.

TMR also advises that a more substantial repair will be carried out before the end of April 2016.”


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Great turn out of community members at my annual ‘Great Walk’ today – walking 38 kms from Little Yabba Creek in Conondale to Maleny to highlight my ongoing campaign to raise funds for the Maleny-Kenilworth Road and to raise money for Chaplains.

Thanks for the donations so far – still plenty of time to get your donations in to raise money for the Maleny and Conondale State School Chaplains –

Chappy Becky and Chappy Tressa

Group ohoto from Walk

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Hinterland communities can now cross the Mary River to Conondale safely after the opening of the new Grigor Bridge.

Member for Glass House, Andrew Powell MP, said completion of the new bridge means this important link will remain open during future floods.

“The complete closure of the original bridge during the floods had a significant impact on hinterland communities and local industries, with the detour route adding up to one hour to journeys,” Mr Powell said.

“Projects like this are a good example of the Newman Government providing better infrastructure and planning.

“In addition to reconstruction funding, extra funding was made available by the Queensland Government to make sure the bridge meets the community’s long-term needs.

“To provide better flood immunity, the bridge is more than two metres higher than the original 1929 single-lane timber bridge.

“It is a reinforced concrete structure for improved durability, while the addition of an extra lane has increased traffic capacity.”

Mr Powell said protecting the environment during construction had been a priority and would continue to be a key consideration during the project’s final stages.

“We timed construction activity in the river to accommodate the breeding cycles of several iconic species found in the Mary River, including the Mary River turtle and Mary River cod,” Mr Powell said.

“Demolition of the original bridge will also provide environmental challenges, with crews working closely with environmental specialists to protect wildlife.

“Specialist divers will again be used to clear turtles and other aquatic wildlife during the installation of booms to protect them from in-water activities.”

The remainder of the project, including demolition of the old bridge and removal of the temporary sidetrack, will be completed by the middle of the year.

This project is funded jointly by the State and Federal Governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements and is part of the $269 million allocated to North Coast Region to repair damage from natural disasters and flooding.
-ENDS 21 February 2014

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