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Display posters are available for collection at my office or at the Glasshouse Country and Maleny News office in Glasshouse, or you can download a poster.

Tight knit communities, like those in the Glass House electorate, only survive on the back of small business which is why I am so excited to launch my second annual Glass House Small Business Awards – aka the “Glassy’s”.

In Glass House we are fortunate to have over 20 unique townships and each one of these has a varying amount of small family owned businesses that survive solely on the support of their local community.

Because I understand how tough they do it, I initially created these awards as a way to publicly recognise their service and give them some much needed promotion. These awards will highlight what they are doing best and will remind our larger community that shopping local will stimulate economic growth and local employment opportunities. The awards also acknowledge employees who offer exceptional service.

The 2017 Glass House Small Business Awards will be slightly different this year in that there will not be a separate nomination and voting period. Last year there was an overwhelming number of nominations for many businesses which therefore were transferred to votes so this year we are going straight to the voting. From today until the 5th of May, you can cast your vote for a business and/or an employee who you think is deserving of a Glassy.

A Gala Awards dinner will be held during Queensland Small Business Week from 15 to 21 May where a selection of shortlisted businesses and employees will be profiled and celebrated for their efforts in our region. I will again have the assistance of a panel from Chamber of Commerce and Business Association representatives within the electorate to determine the award winners. Awards will be the same as last year for businesses and employees – the Bronze Glassy will be chosen by the panel and myself as a peer recognition award, the Silver Glassy for the most votes received, and the coveted Gold Glassy selected from the nominated Bronze and Silver category winners. Winners will be chosen from the six main business districts which include Caboolture, the D’Aguilar (Woodford and Wamuran) region, Glasshouse, Maleny, Montville and Palmwoods.

I know that each of you would have at least one experience where you have shopped locally and received excellent customer service so why not seize the opportunity to publicly thank and recognise that small business or staff member and submit your vote.